By Royal Houghton

Nov 4, 2013

 I read on your Bridgewater Historical Society about the up coming program on the CCC. I might have something of interest to add involving Ruth Houghton Needham.

One of the camp’s top officers lived in Bridgewater Corners by the name of Achenbach with his wife and her brother. Also a member of the family was a white German Shepard dog that he brought from Germany and was his constant companion. The dog was noted for carrying his master’s lunch basket up the mountain while working with the boys. We became acquainted with the family due to stopping and playing with the dog as we passed by. She bonded with Ruth completely. Whenever they would go away for a weekend Ruth was asked to take care of her. Sometime later Mr Achenbach was transferred and he asked us to keep the dog. I have a picture of us with the dog Tammy. I’m sure Ruth would have had a lot of good stories to tell about Tammy.