World War II Homecoming 1946

By Royal Houghton

After World War II in 1946, Bridgewater’s  Geno-Roberson American Legion post was asked to do a military funeral for a boy killed in the war in Europe. He came from Plymouth VT. ( I can’t remember the soldiers name) It was an honor we all felt. We spent a lot of time getting back into our uniforms , practicing marching and firing a gun salute. Mostly in the evening due to work days. I remember the firing squad going up to the western end of town at the route 4 turn out, and were firing volley of shots to get the timing right. It was at 10 o’clock at night. Neighbors didn’t know what was going on with 30-06 gun shots. The casket was to lay in state at the church for a couple days which required a military guard to stand guard. I was one of two standing guard over the casket one evening when his parents came in. Very sad moment.

Some of the guys in involved that I can remember were. Stim Needham, Ben Needham, Colburn Greenough, Gordon Greenough, Ron Colby, Horace Carr, Roy Snow and myself. Hope others from the same time period come up with more memories. Maybe the Geno-Roberson Legion post might have more information.